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Everyone’s different – including me!

Since creating CV Technic in 1999, one of the things I most enjoy from meeting the many people I work with (in the UK and from all over the world), is discovering what makes them who they are, and learning about their different experiences.

It builds on my previous experience of selling consultancy with BT International, and as a Career Coach, such that some of my work is now with other career coaches and recruitment agencies.

My Background – It’s Technical

Having gained an honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from King’s College London, and as a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Member of the Institution of Engineering Technology (MIET), my background is (unashamedly!) technical. Previous roles and projects have spanned engineering, proposals, training, IT application support, and documentation for a number of corporate and small business in the IT, Telecoms, Retail, Recruitment, Leisure, and Consultancy sectors.

My Skills – CVs, Interviews, Proposals and ‘Office’ Support

The work that I now do with other career coaches and recruitment agencies predominantly involves supplying specialist CVs, CV critiques, and practice interviews.

Short-term contract work with major corporates is another feature of what I do, delivering technical proposals and writing content for proposal databases. It’s resulted in an enviable track record of wins and short-listings for them – and extremely happy clients! So happy, in fact, that they keep inviting me to extend my time with them to help out further!

I also undertake training assignments with individual clients and small businesses, teaching them to become more comfortable with Microsoft Office applications – consider me your personal Technical Helpdesk!

A Little Something Extra…

And to prove that there’s more than just the technical side to me, I’m heavily involved in Scouting. I continue to organise my free time around my roles as District Commissioner and Training Advisor for Woking Scout District, regularly making management decisions and helping leaders to give our young people some life-changing opportunities!

I’m also a Primary Science Ambassador for Surrey SATRO – helping to promote and deliver simple science in primary schools. (Okay, that last one is slightly technical.)

In need of CV, interview or MS Office support?

If you or your business could do with some expert and friendly support, then get in touch!

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